Sunday, September 1, 2013

Important Videos and Articles for Wapo

Players and Parents,

Kraken Water Polo players need to take the time to watch all of these videos and to read all of these articles as soon as possible. This will be very important over the season, and we will only be talking very briefly about these things in practice. Especially if you have missed, or will be missing practices over the rest of the season, you need to watch/read these. And a few weeks from now, watch/read them again.
Thank you.

CWPA Tips of the Week- With Olympians Wolf Wigo and Bradley Schumacher
Drive Defense and Taking away ball side:
Outside Turn, beginner and advanced:

Championship Series-With Olympian Brenda Villa
Getting ball side position on offense:
Sealing off, Separation, Turn:

Polo 101 Series- With Coach Farkas of Shaquatics
(Made for a young age team, some physical aspects of wapo not addressed)

Articles by Robert Gaughran (a little dated, but the main points are still very valid)
Situational Fundamentals-
Water Polo Commandments-
Defensive Tactics-

Thank you. I am available if anyone has any questions from these videos/articles. I hope you learned a lot.

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