Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Updates, and What I Think About Fundamentals!

So it looks like I'm doing the typical "So sorry for the break, but I'm back posting now" shenanigans that every blogger does. Well the truth is, I'm back posting and can realistically expect about a post a week. So OK!!

Just an update, the Kraken Water Polo Company/Team/Camp/League/??? that I run is doing great! (I have no idea what it even really is, it's still defining itself more and more every day). We're in the middle of our fall break and are going to be kicking off the winter year-round season pretty soon. The summer day-camp and league was a great success, look for pictures soon. Kraken took in one of the local High School programs and they competed under us as the Kraken "Wildcats" in the GHSWPA Fall League, placing 7th out of 16 overall.

The biggest and most important area of practice during our GHSWPA season was individual defense. Now that we've set a great foundation for our team, we can begin to branch out and talk about specific offensive strategies and tactics. I would encourage all coaches to be very "fundamental" heavy when coaching a group of newer players. Every player coached with good emphasis on fundamentals has the chance to reach their full potential in water polo. That's why I think it is so important to start with the basics.

In closing, things have been great! Hope all is good on your end!

-Coach Owen