Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dryland Workout 7-17-13: 
Good Luck!!! 
---Don't forget to hydrate during the rest periods---

4 step lunges, 5 pushups, 10 crunches,
30 sec “high knees” running in place,
5 leglifts, 5 squats, 20 side leg lifts,
30 sec perfect pushup position plank,
3 supermans, 3 frog jumps,
10 windmill arms, 10 head roll stretches,
30 sec wall sit, 10 calf raises,
100 Crunches (optional: vary left/right)
[1 min rest]

First Set (no rest, push through)
10 pushups
20 mountain climbers
20 leg lifts
40 sec fast scissor kicks (w/core engaged)
[1 min rest]

Second Set (no rest, push through)
10 squats
14 side lunges (7 Each Leg)
14 step lunges (7 Each Leg)
5 Power Jumps
[1 min rest]

Last Set (Focus on the good burn!!)
6x30Tight Fast Arm circles 
(30/per direction/ per position) 
Engaged, Straight Arms
Do 1-3 circling inwards, then 1-3 again opposite direction.
Position 1- Shoulder width, arms out to front, "zombie"
Position 2- Shoulder height, arms out to side, the letter "T"
Position 3- Shoulder width, arms up vertical, "field goal"

2x10 Supermans (2 sec hold, 30 sec between set)
2x10 Tricep Dips (slow down/fast up, 30 sec between set)

Cool Down
1 Mile Cool Down (descending speed gradually from jogging to slow easy walk. 10 minutes estimated)
5-10 Minutes Full Body Stretching (breathe deep)
Recovery Food/Drink (don't wait more than 30 min after workout for this!)



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