Thursday, March 12, 2009

There IS a magic word to make you swim faster!

Competitive swimming is such a mental sport. Everyone knows that the mental aspect plays a part in races, but did you know the same mental preparation is useful in practice as well? With the right mindset you can push yourself harder in practice, and gain far more from each session.
The trick is to use your imagination, picture yourself as the elite swimmer you want to become. Use positive self talk to boost your confidence. Repeat this phrase during your workout, and believe it: "I am fast."
If you let this get ingrained into your mind, you will be even faster. Positive thinking during a set helps you work through the pain and fatigue. What you believe you are, you will become. Just remember, you are fast.


  1. Thanks! This is a really cool blog. I can't wait to see more!

  2. Usually we advise people to choose their own phrase, but to keep it short and simple. That way they can associate even more personal meaning with the feeling they are trying to create in themselves. Definitely a good point though. It's a combination of imagery and self-talk using the mantra as a cue.

    Also, try putting a sticker or dot on a watch or bracelet--even a piece of string tied to your finger will work--something that whenever you look at it, you will be reminded to repeat your mantra.

    I always love to see sport psychology getting around the web! Excellent!

    I do a little on my blog